Product Categories

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour, MTO, Blue, Black, Foam, Rubber, Basket Weave, Novelty Pattern, 40-42, Made To Order, Velcro Right Shoulder, Velcro to Adjust Under Arms, We Have Several


Production: $65.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour

Womens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour, MTO, Gray, Charcoal Gray, Iridescent Green, Silicone, Rubber, Animal Print, B36-40, Exoskeleton Armour, Snake Skin Texture in Each Segment, Adjustable Sides with Plastic Buckles for Lower Torso, Insect, Bug, We Have Several, and More for Men


Production: $175.00

Vintage Sweater

Womens, Vintage Sweater, KNIT A BIT, Cream, Neutral, Orange, Green, Mohair, Diamonds, B 38, 1960's, Large Diamond Pattern, Cardigan, Long Sleeves, Crew Neck,


Production: $30.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour, MTO, Red, Black, Foam, Rubber, Basket Weave, 42-44, Made To Order, Velcro Right Shoulder, Adjustable Side Strap with Plastic Buckle, Basket Weave Texture in Segments, We Have 11


Production: $65.00

Club Shirt

Womens, Club Shirt, N/L, Black, Silver Metallic, Leather, Metallic/Metal, S, Adjustable Bra Top with Silver Chain Attached to Leather By Rivets


Production: $30.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Headpiece

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Headpiece, Gold Metallic, Pink, White, Beaded, Feathers, Floral, Geometric, Antique Looking Hindu Looking Ethnic Crown


Production: $150.00


Unisex, Walkabout, Yellow, Green, Brown, 3PC Walkabout Corn, 1 Pair Shoes, Thanksgiving Harvest, Food


Production: $175.00


Unisex, Walkabout, Orange, Green, Carrot One Piece, Air Brushed, Thanksgiving Harvest, Food


Production: $150.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Collar

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Collar, MTO, Gold Metallic, Green, Bronze Metallic, Metallic/Metal, Heavily Beaded Collar


Production: $65.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Robe

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Robe, NL, Gold Metallic, Beige, Neutral, Hot Pink, Green, Polyester, Metallic/Metal, Floral, CH 42, Ethnic Influenced. Beige Power Mesh with Gold Floral Embroidery Embellished with Gold Sequins & Gold Bullion Trim


Production: $200.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jacket

Womens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jacket, FOX N/L, Gray, Black, Polyester, Cotton, Diamonds, Abstract , M/L, Pressed Fabric, Cut/out Abstract Pattern, Collar Attached, Long Sleeves, Open Front


Production: $90.00

Evening Dress 1890s-1910s

Womens, Evening Dress 1890s-1910s, MTO, Gold Metallic, Teal Blue, Silk, Solid, Floral, B:30, W: 26, Beautiful Evening Gown, Gold Silk with Delicate Teal Lace Appliqués, Gold and Lt Gold Floral Embroidery with Clear Sequins, Empire Waist with Faux Long Jacket with Open V All the Way Down, Lt Pink Pearl Trim, Back Has a Long Train Panel, Edwardian 1890-1919


Production: $225.00

Evening Dress 1890s-1910s

Womens, Evening Dress 1890s-1910s, MTO, Butter Yellow, Silk, Solid, Floral, B:32, W:24, Champagne, Delicate Lace Bodice with Delicate Netting, V-neck, Short Sleeves, Pin Tuck Detail at Shoulders, Satin Abdomen with Floral Embroidery, Satin Skirt, Zig Zag Trim Detail with Front Embroidered Panel and Pleated Detail, Train in Back, Edwardian 1890-1919


Production: $225.00


Unisex, Footwear, MTO, Beige, Neutral, Rubber, 7.5, Rubber Molded Feet Protectors, Clean Soles, Men's 7.5/8, Bare Feet


Production: $50.00

Tuxedo Jacket

Mens, Tuxedo Jacket, INSOMNIA , Gold Metallic, Black, Wool, Sequins, Stripes, 40R, Sequin Stripes, Solid Black Collar Attached/ Notched Lapel, Single Breasted, 1 Fabric Covered Button, 3 Pockets


Production: $45.00

Historical Fiction Dress

Womens, Historical Fiction Dress, N/L MTO, Ecru, Neutral, Teal Blue, Gold Metallic, Multi-color, Silk, Sequins, Stripes - Vertical , Abstract , B:32, W:24, Striped and Floral Pattern Brocade, 3/4 Sleeves with Gold Organza and Net Ruffles, 3D Teal Rosettes, Colorful Sequinned Appliqués Across Stomacher and Edges of Peplum, Square Neck with Gold Lace Ruffle, Sheer Gold Lace/Net Skirt, Center Back Zipper, 1700's Inspired Made To Order


Production: $125.00

Vintage Casual Shirt

Mens, Vintage Casual Shirt, MAMBO, Multi-color, Rayon, Human Figure, L, Royal Blue Background with Large Male and Female Profile Faces on Either Side of Chest, Geometric Contrast Pattern on Collar, Cream and Navy Tiki Inspired Pattern at Hem and Sleeve Edges, Short Sleeve Button Front


Production: $25.00

FOR SALE 2Pc Thermal Set

Unisex, FOR SALE 2Pc Thermal Set, THERMA JOHN, White, Polyester, Spandex, We Have 24 XL and 31 2XL for SALE At $30, Long Sleeve Shirt and Pants, Moisture Wicking, Thick Fabric with a Lightweight Feel, Heat Retention, Inner Bushed Fleece,


Production: $30.00

FOR SALE Men's Dance Belts New

Unisex, FOR SALE Men's Dance Belts New, Beige, Neutral, Cotton, Spandex, Solid, All, Sizes, CAPEZIO, MARIIA Brands,


Production: $20.00

Historical Fiction Shoes

Mens, Historical Fiction Shoes , GAMBA, Gold Metallic, Beige, Neutral, Leather, Novelty Pattern, 10, Made To Order, Bare Feet in Gold Sandals. Lace Up the Leg. Some of the Gold on the Straps Has Worn Off. Painted Feet. Faux Feet, Multiples,


Production: $65.00

Historical Fiction Dress

Womens, Historical Fiction Dress, N/L MTO, Aqua Blue, Silver Metallic, White, Silk, Beaded, Solid, B:32, W:26, Ball Gown, Shantung Silk, Silver Net Lace on Bodice and Cap Sleeves, White Beaded Appliques Across Bust, Scoop Neck, V Shaped Waist, Full Skirt with Horizontal Ruffled Tiers, Floor Length, Raw Edge Hem, Historical Fantasy Made To Order


Production: $200.00

Coat 1890s-1910s

Womens, Coat 1890s-1910s, N/L, Ecru, Neutral, Brown, Yellow, Silk, Stripes - Horizontal , Floral, M/L, B <42", Ecru with Horizontal Yellow Stripes, Brown and Cream Floral Appliques and Crochet Throughout, 3/4 Sleeves, Wrapped Closure with 1 Beaded Toggle at Hip, Floor Length, Peach Satin Lining, 1910's-1920


Production: $150.00

Vintage Skirt

Womens, Vintage Skirt, TODD OLDHAM, Green, Dark Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Wool, Grid , Abstract , W 24, 1990's, Felted, 1.5" Waistband, Side Zip and Tab Closure


Production: $50.00

FOR SALE Plastic Hangers

Unisex, FOR SALE Plastic Hangers, Plastic Dress Hangers FOR SALE. $25 for a Box of 50 Hangers


Production: $25.00

FOR SALE Hanger Organizer

Unisex, FOR SALE Hanger Organizer, Clip and Dress Hangers for SALE with Organizer. $10


Production: $10.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1

Mens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1, M.T.O., Black, Dark Green, Bronze Metallic, Leather, Faux Leather, 42, Reptile Textured Sci Fiction Coat., Leather Ties At Center Front, with Textured Pleather Yoke Snapped Across Center Front, Long Sleeves, Lacing At Waist Center Back, with Reptile Flap Center Back, Sleeves Held To Body with Black Lacing At Armholes


Package Price: $250.00

Vintage Piece 1

Mens, Vintage Piece 1, J.K., Gray, Cream, Cranberry Red, Wool, Cotton, Plaid, 44L, Single Breasted, 2 Buttons, Notched Lapel, 3 Pockets, 1970-1980's


Package Price: $115.00


Unisex, Walkabout, J&M COSTUMERS, Brown, Yellow, Polyester, L200FOAM, Solid, S/M, Thanksgiving Turkey Walkabout Costume, Brown Velour Covered Foam Body, Rotund/Round Shape, Openings for Legs, Center Back Zipper, **Includes Non Coded Accessories: Pair Yellow Feet, (Approx Women's Size 7/8), Brown Cotton Gloves, and Brown Ruffled "Wings" to Go on Arms


Package Price: $175.00

Suit, Piece 1, Jacket

Mens, Suit, Piece 1, Jacket, L & S, Coral Pink, Rayon, Modal, Solid, 40R, Bright Coral Pink, Single Breasted, Thin Peaked Lapel, 1 Button, 3 Pockets, Slim Fit


Package Price: $75.00

Vintage P1 Suit Jacket

Womens, Vintage P1 Suit Jacket, BAGATELLE, Red, Heather Gray, Black, Wool, Houndstooth, B:34, Notched Lapel, Double Breasted, Grey Leather Collar, Peplum Waist, Hidden Coin Pocket


Package Price: $95.00

Historical Fiction Piece 1

Womens, Historical Fiction Piece 1, PORRO MTO, Slate Blue, Antique White, Pearl White, Silk, Beaded, B:32, W:24-6, 3 Piece Gown: Bodice, Taffetta, Trimmed with Antique White Lace and Pearls, Long Sleeves, Cartridge Pleating at Shoulders, Boned/Structured with Point at Center Front Waist, Lacing/Ties Center Back, 1600's Reproduction Made To Order


Package Price: $250.00


Unisex, Walkabout, MTO, Orange, Green, Cotton, Foam, Solid, O/S, SQUASH: Padded Foam, Painted Orange, Knots Attached, Open Face, Felt Green Stem, Open Bottom, Arm Holes, Thanksgiving, Harvest, Food


Package Price: $175.00

Piece 1, 1890s-1910s

Womens, Piece 1, 1890s-1910s, MTO, Cream, Neutral, Wool, Solid, Basket Weave, B:32, W:22, Self Basket Weave, Piping Grosgrain Trim, Gathered Bust with Piping Detail, 7 Ivory Button Front, Side Buttons, Fitted, Edwardian 1890-1919


Package Price: $215.00

Historical Fiction Piece 1

Womens, Historical Fiction Piece 1, N/L MTO, Forest Green, Light Pink, Cream, Neutral, Lime Green, Silk, Paisley/Swirls, Floral, B:32, W:24, Bodice: Forest Green Paisley Brocade, Light Pink Lace Trim, Square Neck, Long Sleeves with Undersleeve, Lacing/Ties at Front, Floral Embroidered Stomacher Panel, Lime/Pink/Light Green Floral Embroidery, Made To Order 1600's / 1700's


Package Price: $200.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jumpsuit

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jumpsuit, MTO, White, Gray, Navy Blue, Metallic/Metal, Synthetic, Novelty Pattern, C38, Girth, 62", Hips 42", White Knit, Light Gray Textured Print Body Suit, Clear Gel Like Shoulders & Sleeves, Black Webbing Harness with a Fiber Glass Center Front, Metal Cuffs, Charcoal Rubber Elbow Pads, Spacesuit, EVA, Astronaut, Has Holes Center Back for Oxygen Back Pack, Attaches to Gloves See FC031865, Boots See FC045658, Helmet with Gasket


Package Price: $250.00

Piece 1

Mens, Piece 1, MTO/HERO COLLECTION, Navy Blue, Wool, Solid, 38, 1930's Train Station Master, Button Front, Brass Embossed Buttons, 4 Pockets, Collar Attached, Gray Piping Detail, Gold Winged Wheel Collar Pins, Back Vent with Brass Button Detail


Package Price: $135.00

Piece 1, 1890s-1910s

Womens, Piece 1, 1890s-1910s, N/L, White, Black, Fur, O/S, Ermine Fur, Muff, Silk Lined, Padded, Silk Ribbon Wrapped Wrist Loop, Edwardian 1890-1919


Package Price: $175.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1

Womens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1, DIVAMP COUTURE, Silver Metallic, Clear, Black, Plastic, S/M, Sexy Bustier with Attached Hip/Pannier Panels, Mirrored Silver Metallic Bust with Black Edges, Molded Bust Panel with Shaped Cups, Strapless, Adjustable Elastic Strap at Waist


Package Price: $150.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1

Womens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1, MTO, Gray, Black, Yellow, Fiberglass, Foam, B36-40, 5'10"+, Armour, Breast Plate, Adjustable Sides, Has Attachments to Arms and Legs, Right Hose Attached, Left Hose is Attached to Left Leg, Spine Detail, Exoskeleton for a Tall Woman 5'10"+


Package Price: $200.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour

Mens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Armour, MTO, Gray, Charcoal Gray, Iridescent Green, Silicone, Rubber, Animal Print, 36-40, Exoskeleton Armour, Snake Skin Texture in Each Segment, Adjustable Sides with Plastic Buckles for Lower Torso, Insect, Bug, We Have 16 These for Available, and More for Women


Package Price: $175.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Vest

Mens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Vest, MTO, Wine Red, Gold Metallic, Synthetic, Metallic/Metal, Geometric, Ch44, Geometric Patterned Poly Devore Velvet, Hook and Eye Closure at Neck. Gold Lace Trim at Tapered Collar Band, Gold Bullion and Sequinned Trim Center Front, 4 Gold Lace Medallion Shaped Applique at Back Train.perm Pleated Plisse Collar Band and Train


Package Price: $200.00