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Historical, Gunbelt

N/L, Historical, Black, Brown, Leather, 1700s, Sword Scabbard/Sheath, .Aged Black Leather W/Brown Streaks, Curved Shape W/Pointed End


Production: $15.00

Historical, Gunbelt

N/L, Historical, Caramel Brown, Brown, Silver Metallic, Pleather/Faux Leather, Metallic/Metal, `, Oldwest, Gun Belt with 2 Gun Holsters, with 2 Prop Guns Inside That Are Not Coded, Belt Is Embossed Western Style Golden Brown Pleather, 2.5" Wide, Prop Guns Are Silver Metal with Brown Handle


Production: $35.00

Historical, Gunbelt

N/L, Historical, Gray, Chrome Metallic, Leather, 1700s, Scabbard/Sword Sheath: Gunmetal Metallic Painted Leather, 2" Wide Belt W/Curved Pointed Sword Compartment/Holder, Leather Thong Ties


Production: $25.00