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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 1, MTO, Black, Gray, Orange, Dark Gray, Cotton, Leather, Color Blocking, Ch 40, W 36, Jumpsuit, Flight Suit, Gray Perforated Leather Yoke, Band Collar with Front Off Center Hidden Zipper, Side Panel Hidden Zipper, Plastic Ribbed Shoulder Panels, Long Sleeves with Elastic Stirrups, Hem Stirrups, Ribbed Plastic Knee Panels, Detachable Molded Plastic Shoulder Armor with Velcro Webbed Straps Attached to Jumpsuit, Lightly Aged


Package Price: $250.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 2

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 2, MTO, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Plastic, 40/42, Harness, Plastic Molded Shoulder Straps, Adjustable Buckles, Plastic Molded Armor Front and Back, Belt with Plastic Buckle Back, Hook Detachable Leg Straps


Package Price: $250.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 3

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 3, MTO, Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Orange, Leather, Elastane, Color Blocking, L, Perforated Leather Gloves, Plastic Molding on Knuckles, Velcro Wrist Strap


Package Price: $250.00

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 4

Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Piece 4, MTO, Dark Gray, Orange, Fiberglass, Color Blocking, O/S, Flight Helmet, Molded Fiberglass, 2 Attached Pieces, Velcro Detachable Orange Eye Shield


Package Price: $250.00