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Historical, Piece 1

MTO, Historical, Copper Metalic, Black, Olive Green, Silk, Novelty Pattern, B 32, 1800s, Silk Floral/Novelty Brocade, Pleated at Sleeve Insert, Long Sleeves, with Angular Cuff, Black/Copper/Olive Floral Ribbon Trim, Copper Lace Trim, 1880-1895, Western, Fantasy


Package Price: $200.00

Historical, Piece 2

MTO, Historical, Turmeric Yellow, Black, Olive Green, Copper Metalic, Silk, Novelty Pattern, 1800s, Diagonal Self Stripe Turmeric, Turmeric Grosgrain Ribbon Waistband, Hook & Eye and Snap Back Closure, Copper/burnt Orange Floral/novelty Brocade Circular Ruffles with Black/Olive/copper Ribbon Trim and Copper Lace Trim, Ruffles Unite at Center Back, Train


Package Price: $200.00

Historical, Piece 3

MTO, Historical, Copper Metalic, Black, Olive Green, Burnt Orange, Turmeric Yellow, Silk, Novelty Pattern, Floral Pattern, W 26, 1800s, Floral/Novelty Brocade Belt with Turmeric trim, Hook & Eye Back Closure


Package Price: $200.00

Historical, Piece 4+

MTO, Historical, Copper Metalic, Silk, Solid Pattern, O/S, 1800s, Shiny Copper Silk Bow Tie Shape Scarf, Fantasy 1880-1895, Western


Package Price: $200.00