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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Non-binary Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Jumpsuit

Package Price: $250.00

Barcode FC031846
Gender Unisex/Non Binary
Circa Sci-fi/Fantasy
Category Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Jumpsuit
Size C38 x GIRTH x 62"
Description MTO, Sci-fi/Fantasy, White, Gray, Navy Blue, Metallic/Metal, Synthetic, Novelty Pattern, C38, Girth, 62", Sci-fi/Fantasy, Hips 42", White Knit, Light Gray Textured Print Body Suit, Clear Gel Like Shoulders & Sleeves, Black Webbing Harness with a Fiber Glass Center Front, Metal Cuffs, Charcoal Rubber Elbow Pads, Spacesuit, EVA, Astronaut, Has Holes Center Back for Oxygen Back

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