• Minimum rental cost per order is $35 before tax.
  • Unused items returned within a 48-hour approval period will incur a $4.00 restocking fee.
  • For commercial or music video projects, the restocking fee is 25% of the rental price.
  • Online orders are charged $55 an hour to pull the order and pack for shipping and if pulled and ready to ship order is canceled by Customer charge will apply.".

Please Note:
  • Customers are responsible for returning item(s) cleaned, and in good condition.
  • Any item with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag that has been removed or damaged will be charged an additional $25.
  • Full item replacement costs are ten (10) times the rental price or fifteen (15) times the rental price for specialty items.
"It takes two to four days to determinate if a line of credit will be granted. If rentals are required prior to approval, please make sure your paperwork is filled up with Credit Card on file with Costume Department."
  • 3rd party rentals: Credit Card form allows the Fox Costume Department to charge your credit card immediately upon pick up of rental clothes and initial deposit and any Additional Deposits to cover rental charges and additional charges, unless we have made other acceptable payment arrangements with the Fox Costume Department and such payment arrangements are approved by the Fox Accounts Receivable Department.


In the event items are lost or damaged upon return, Fox Costume reserves the right to charge the replacement value listed on the rental sheet. If the items are returned within 10 days after the loss/damage fee has been charged, we will credit the loss charges and bill the outstanding rental fee. Tailor shop labor, shopping, and material cost on made-to-order or specialty items will be charged to duplicate any item. We reserve the right to accept or decline any replacement items in exchange for the lost or damaged property. Wardrobe must be returned dry cleaned and unaltered. Any item(s) not returned clean will be charged a cleaning fee, payable upon return of rentals. Any damage to the wardrobe due to added by the costumer (e.g., patches w/adhesive backing, Stitch Witchery.) will result in loss/damage replacement fees. Vintage or specialty clothing is required to be cleaned at La Cienega Cleaners, Milt & Eddies or Five Star Custom Cleaners. Vintage items damaged during the cleaning process will incur a charge equal to the replacement value stated on the rental sheet.