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Dress 1890s-1910s

Womens, Dress 1890s-1910s, LADY DUFF GORDON INC, Beige, Cornflower Blue, Cotton, Silk, Floral, W24, B32, Light Beige Chantilly Lace, Short Sleeve Edged with Cornflower Blue Silk Chenille Yarn, Ribbon, Open Center Front with Snaps and Hooks and Eyes, Waist Detail with Blue Chenille Drapes Finishing In Tassels, Round Neckline Edged with Chenille Yarn In Loops, Skirt Double Layer Of Chantilly Lace, Lined with Light Beige Silk Chiffon, Has Blue Slip with It, A Couple Mended Spots In The Lace,


Size:B32 x W24

Package Price: $150.00

1930s Vintage, Dress

Womens, 1930s Vintage, Dress, Ochre Brown-Yellow, Cream, Aqua Blue, Cotton, Dots, 32/22, Cotton Batiste, Crew Neck, Small Cream Silk Fan Pleat Ruffle on Sleeve and Neck, Short Sleeves, Gathered Waist, Knife Pleat on Bottom, Embroidered Circle Detail, Aqua Rhinestone Detail



Package Price: $125.00

Dress 1890s-1910s

Womens, Dress 1890s-1910s, MTO, Navy Blue, Cotton, Solid, W 20, B 30 , Surplice Top, Gathered at Waist, Pleated From Shoulders, Modesty Panel with Self Stripe Panel, 3/4 Sleeve, Attached Self Stripe Decorative Panel at Collar with White Button Detail, Self Stripe Panels at Sleeve Cuff, Pleated Skirt with Hook & Eye and Button Closure, Shoulder Burn, Multiples,


Size:B 30 x W 20

Package Price: $75.00