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Fantasy/Sci-Fi Unisex Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jumpsuit

Package Price: $250.00

Barcode FC031846
Gender Unisex
Circa Sci-fi/Fantasy
Category Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jumpsuit
Size C38 x GIRTH x 62"
Description Unisex, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Jumpsuit, MTO, White, Gray, Navy Blue, Metallic/Metal, Synthetic, Novelty Pattern, C38, Girth, 62", Hips 42", White Knit, Light Gray Textured Print Body Suit, Clear Gel Like Shoulders & Sleeves, Black Webbing Harness with a Fiber Glass Center Front, Metal Cuffs, Charcoal Rubber Elbow Pads, Spacesuit, EVA, Astronaut, Has Holes Center Back for Oxygen Back Pack, Attaches to Gloves See FC031865, Boots See FC045658, Helmet with Gasket

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