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Vintage, Vest

N/L, Vintage, Tomato Orange, Ecru, Neutral, Acrylic, Stripes - Horizontal, Vintage 1960s-1970s, Boys Sweater Vest, Thick Knit Yarn, V-neck, Pullover, 1960's


Production: $25.00

Vintage, Vest

N/L, Vintage, Cream, Neutral, Wool, 32C, 28W, Vintage 1940s-1950s, Double Breasted, V-neck, Sweater Knit,


Production: $45.00

Vintage, Vest

ANACAT , Vintage, Brown, Green, Olive Green, Beige, Neutral, Wool, Acrylic, Stripes - Horizontal, Floral Pattern, Ch:32", Vintage 1960s-1970s, Boys Sweater Vest: Brown with Horizontal Stripes and Flowers in Horizontal Rows Pattern, Pullover, V-neck, Solid Brown Ribbed Neck, Armholes and Hem, 1960's/1970's


Production: $30.00

Vintage, Vest

JUMP, Vintage, Denim Blue, Multi-color, Cotton, Beaded, Solid Pattern, Patchwork, 5, Vintage 1960s-1970s, V-neck, Open Front, Lacing/Ties From Applique "star" Shapes with Gromets and Leather Wang with Dangling Beads, Floral Cotton Trim Arms-eyes, Embroidery and Beads,


Production: $35.00