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Sci-Fi/Fantasy 5+ Pieces

Mens, Sci-Fi/Fantasy 5+ Pieces, BILL HARGATE COSTUME, Black, Silver, Gray, Gold, Lt Gray, Leather, Cotton, Solid, Novelty Pattern, Ch 42, W 40, Silver Leather Yoke in Feather Shapes, Zip/Velcro Back, Iridescent Silver reptile Texture Crossover Panels Through Waist, Crossover in Back with Velcro Closures, Short Sleeves, Solid Silver Leather Top Sleeves, Lower Sleeve in Geometric Laser Silver, Metallic Gray Faux Metal Armor: 2 Shoulder Horned Pieces, 1 Feather Shaped Breastplate, 1 Feather Shaped Back Plate, All Armor Attached with Velcro, Textured Silver Skirt/Loincloth, Layered Panel Skirt Sides, Light Gray with Gold Hieroglyphic Center Front, Panel From Neckline and Down Loincloth, Solid Silver Leather Epaulets


Size:CH 42 x W 40

Production: $200.00