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Sci-fi/Fantasy, Piece 1

MTO, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Light Gray, Silver Metallic, Orange, Polyester, Nylon, Solid-Pattern, C34, G62 , S, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Full Coverall, Pleated Collar with Metal Band That Fits Helmet, Double Zipper Chest and Zip Fly, Silver Circuitry Print on Sleeves, Padded Knees, Removable Gloves with Metal Band Attachments, Adjustable Belt Back Waistband,


Package Price: $300.00

Sci-fi/Fantasy, Helmet

MTO, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Gray, Iridescent Green, Gold Metallic, Red, Kevlar, Plastic, Solid-Pattern, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Double Visor, Metal Band Attaches to Space Suit, Articulated Flashlight on Top


Package Price: $300.00

Sci-fi/Fantasy, Piece 3

MTO, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Light Gray, Pewter Gray, Red, Nylon, Plastic, Solid-Pattern, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Metal Rings Attach to Space Suit, Velcro Wrist Straps


Package Price: $300.00